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Masters of Education  - Pedagogy & Instructional Design

University of Southern Queensland (current) (about USQ)
Instructional Design for Flexible Learning
Theories for Learning Futures
Assessment: Principles and Practice
Research Methods in Education
Networked & Global Learning

   - Curriculum modification process for foreign workers (eg: ESL Customer Service TRaining program)
  - Corporate training audit (informal learning assessment) tool 
  - Instructor CoP development activities
- ESD (Education for Sustainable Development) Literature Review

                    Thesis:  The role of informal learning in the development of Philippine hospitality workers.

   R M C  (Alberta)
                     Major – Dev. Psychology – "Communicating with youth" research paper
                     Major – Religious studies
                     School president in 3rd yr
   Simon Fraser University
   Social Sciences:  Sociology and Anthropology studies


Vancouver:            BCIT                 Media studies:  Film & TV production
Vancouver:            U VIC                Peer tutoring training program
Vancouver:            J.I.                    Group facilitation / Conflict Resolution / Youth violence Issues
Seattle:                 2nd Step            Teacher trainer – school based violence prevention course



Instructor - Canadian College             Aug 2008 - Dec 2010
- Business Communications
- Organizational Behaviour
- Small Business management
- Business Simulation
- Trade Research
- Global Entrepreneurship
- Career Preparation

Professor – SUFS (Seoul University of Foreign Studies – Grad School)             March 2005 – Dec 2006
Cyber course (45 taped lecture hours + 150 assignment hours)

  1. “Greater Perspective of English Language & Culture” (x2)
    microscopic look at unique features of the English language
  2. “Cultural Comprehension”
     political, business and cultural overview of ten English speaking countries

In-class course (290 lecture hours)

  1. “Advanced Speaking”
    Designed to assist students with speaking about new material
  2. “Political Translation Writing”
    US/Korea FTA documents – understanding of political and business positions
  3. “Practical Writing”
    Letters, speeches, introductions, resumes, Power Point




Academic Dean: Vancouver, BC (2 years)
   - 20 instructors
   -10 marketing staff
   - PCTIA reporting
   - Developed College from day one
   - Increased enrollment evey semester

Program Manager: Langley, BC (5 years)
   -40 unionized staff
   -Updated services
   -Streamlined budgets
   - Negotiated through job action
   -  $ 1.2 mil annual budget

Property Manager: Langley, BC (5 years)
Complete responsibility for an 80 acre site with:
   - Five 12-bed residences
   - Full recreation facility
   - School
   - Industrial shop
   - Small conference center



Curriculum   (details) 
     Kaplan Asia - 8 Business university transfer courses for both in-class and online ddlivery   
    Canadian College Courses - University transfer / vocational training / Project Management  
    Grad school courses –  Korea (masters level)
    College courses – Douglas college and Trebas institute
    Staff training – business managers, SME owners, teachers, social service workers
   Business Workshops – Canada, U.S and Korea

  1. IPR issues
  2. Writing Funding proposals
  3. Marketing strategies
  4. Writing Business plans
  5. Writing Promotional material
  6. Delivering Presentations
  7. Understanding western cultures
  8. Western Business strategies
  9. Western marketing strategies




CCEL (Vancouver)                                              Summer 2007 - Fall 2008
           International Business Program
           Career Planning & Preperation Program

St. Giles International (Vancouver)                                    Spring/Summer 2007                                                           
            Samil PwC - communications training
            Semp Toshiba – negotiation training
            PwC Russia – Business English

Samsung International Marketing: Seoul, South Korea        Summer 2005                             
            Engineers transferring to Sales.
            - intense presentation and negotiation class

Hyundai Oilbank: Seoul, South Korea                                  Summer 2005
Executive’s class – business meeting skills

GM Daewoo: Seoul, South Korea                                    Fall 2004
Middle Manager class
- 120 hour intense Business English Program
- meetings, presentations, negotiations

Hyundai Motors Company: Seoul, South Korea                   Fall 2004
Middle Manager class
- 320 hour intensive English Business Training
- meetings, presentations, business correspondence

Daehan ETC: Daejon, South Korea                                     March 2003 – Sep 2004
1500 + middle school and adult instruction:
Textbook work, intensive novel study, essay classes, debating classes, drama classes and English interview classes.

PMIA Business workshops: Western Canada                   1997 - 2001
Over 100 intensive professional Entertainment business workshops throughout Western Canada.
Business language, business planning, market research, proposal writing, intellectual property issues.

Trebas Institute/Columbia College: Vancouver, BC          1998 - 2000           
Adult classes: Career coaching, business language, business plans, budget planning

Douglas College: Vancouver, BC                                     1996 - 1998
            “Stagecraft Training Program”
6-month MEST funded program in cooperation with IATSE
Hands-on overview of live theatre production careers
            “Smart Start Work Program”
                        Ongoing 2-month MEST funded program
                        Career skills and counselling, connecting student interest with work placement


Presentation Specialist: Seoul, South Korea                                                       

Hyundai Oilbank                                                                                              June 2005 & March 2007
Prepare, edit and coach Oilbank CEO for an international presentation

Samsung Group Head Office PR Group                                                               Nov. 2005                       
             Presentation coach for PR staff responsible for head of state visits.
Samsung Group                                                                                                Feb. 2006 & Aug. 2006
             Assess presentation skills of sales/marketing staff from India 
            Presentation coach for construction Engineers from India
            Sales presentation coach for sales/marketing staff Singapore, Australia, Vietnam and Thailand

Interview specialist: Seoul, South Korea                                                            April 2005 & Feb. 2006

Samsung Group HR: New recruit English interviews - Assessed over 1,400 applicants.

SK Telecom HR: New recruit English interviews - Assessed over 200 applicants.


Business Consulting Vancouver, BC                                                                        1996 - 2003
SME Business consultant for entertainment / media industry

  1. Business / marketing plan development for new media businesses
  2. Career coach for emerging artists
  3. Facilitate studio recording deals and   licensing deals with music publishers

At-Risk Youth Specialist           
School District #35: Langley, BC                                                                                    1992 – 1996
Program Manager: Corrections residential education program for at-risk middle school students

School District 43 ‘Problem’ Youth Specialist                                                              1989 – 1992
-  New service model developed
-  Peer counsellor trainer
-  Teacher trainer – violence prevention program
-  District canoe instructor (2000+ students)

‘Street’ Youth Specialist   BC, Canada                                                                        1984 – 1989
NGO with 5 staff and 20 volunteers

  1. New service model
  2. Staff / volunteer recruitment & training
  3. 10 Wilderness adventure trips

City programs with 2 staff and 10 volunteers

  1. Drop-in center program
  2. Volunteer recruitment & training



RFP Proposals                        Ten government funding proposals  (over $3 mil received)
Business plans            Twenty business and marketing plans for Canadian SME’s
Articles                         VBOT Sounding Board (details)
Over 30 articles for an entertainment industry trade journal
                                                - local and global trends


LG PHILIPS                        75-page environmental report
Samsung                        50-page PR PPT for foreign dignitaries – Introduction letters for Executives
KEB                                      450-pages promotional material (print & web site)
Oilbank                         CEO presentation and write script for CEO
FKI                                      60-page Invest Korea document / Formal introduction for Colin Powell
Security                          50-page security proposal for Busan New Port
Media                                    6-hours of transcription of World Leaders conference

Government ministries
Construction                         20-page press release about new Incheon bridge
Marine            Affairs                         120-page recommendation reports
                                    140 – page Asian port logistics report
Airport Authority                        10-page international promotion booklet


Vancouver Board Of Trade mentor
B.C. Ombudsman task force
1991 United Way loaned rep

Douglas College advisory board
Coach – 10 years of youth sports



Proficient (can teach)

Experienced (can use)

Mac OS
All MS Office
Smartboard technology
Internet research

Digital video editing
C-map (web share tool)
Windows XP

QUICK REFERENCES   (Reference Letters)

“Jeff’s approach is to expand the mind set of his students. He combines a rich mixture of theory and real world application that Korean students do not usually get.”
Michelle Lim, Department Head, Seoul University of Foreign Studies

“It's amazing that your classes are so helpful to me THIS soon...I mean, I am very much drawing upon  what I learned in your class as I prepare for my own presentation.  Thank you for your precious lectures…”
 SJ Kim, student

“Jeff Carter is THE “Idea Man” as I have never heard him say, it can’t be done…only ‘Hmmmm..that’s interesting…I wonder how it COULD be done”.
Kate Polsky, former Executive Director of the Pacific Music Association (PMA)

“Jeff was integral to launching my career as a manager, producer, and consultant within the creative industries. His generosity, support, and knowledge have been an invaluable asset to the level of success I have achieved”
 Tatiana Nemchin,